praise1 [preız] v [T]
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: preisier, from Late Latin pretiare 'to value highly', from Latin pretium; PRICE1]
1.) to say that you admire and approve of someone or something, especially publicly
≠ ↑criticize
Jane was praised by her teacher.
praise sb/sth for (doing) sth
The Mayor praised the rescue teams for their courage.
a highly praised novel
praise sb/sth to the skies
(=praise someone or something very much)
2.) to give thanks to God and show your respect to Him, especially by singing in a church
3.) God/Heaven be praised also Praise the Lord
used to say that you are pleased something has happened and thank God for it
WORD FOCUS: praise
similar words: compliment (v, n), say good things about
to praise someone a lot: rave about, gush, sing somebody's praises
to praise someone in an insincere way: flatter, butter up
praise 2
praise2 n [U]
1.) words that you say or write in order to praise someone or something
≠ ↑criticism
Give plenty of praise and encouragement.
Mrs. George was full of praise for her nurses (=she praised them a lot) .
His first novel received high praise.
in praise of sb/sth
a poem in praise of his hero
Gregory was singled out for special praise.
There were words of praise for the girls.
The film has won praise from audiences and critics alike.
2.) the expression of respect and thanks to God
Let us give praise unto the Lord.
songs of praise
3.) praise be!
old-fashioned used when you are very pleased about something that has happened
sing sb's praises atsing

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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